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Commercial Conditions

1. Reservation acceptance

The suppliers accept bookings exclusively of people that are fully entitled to decide and with their full legal ability and competency. Legal entities must act through a duly authorized person.

2. Arrival in destination and regulation compliance

The user is responsible of arriving at the meeting point on time. If the user should be coming from abroad to carry out the booked activity, they will be held personally responsible of having their necessary personal documents for travelling ready, e.g. Passport, as well as complying with the sanitary regulations, among any other necessary regulations.

3. Participation conditions

The user will be held personally responsible for the compliance of the all the participation conditions. The booking supplier reserves the right to exclude those participants who don't satisfy the established conditions for each activity, in which case the paid amounts will not be refunded.

4. Binding nature of requests

The contract between the user and Viajes Simpatia is considered endorsed through the acceptance of the service on the user's side. The user will be notified by e-mail.

5. Payment

Once the reservation has been made, the payment will be charged to the user's credit card. If the boking wasn't accepted by the supplier, the total amount paid for, would be reimbursed to the credit card used for the payment.

6. Services that haven't been paid for

The user will have no right to claim the provision of a service when the reservation has not been paid for. These situations will be considered like a booking cancellation and subsequently, cancellation charges would be applied according to section 11.

7. Cancellation policies

Viajes Simpatia' cancellation policy of the voucher will prevail when the user cancels the activities. We advise the user to read the information on the Viajes Simpatia' voucher carefully.

Once the client has acquired the service, no amount would be reimbursed, unless one of the circumstances on item 8 should apply.

The refund would be completed within 20 working days to the same credit card utilised for the payment.

In the case that the credit card should lack funds before the service were enjoyed or if the payment for the mentioned service were reimbursed it will be understood that the reservation has been cancelled and therefore the cancellation charges will apply . The rights to claim more damages are reserved.

8. Extraordinary cancellation

The supplier may cancel the activity without complying with the cancellation period in the cases of: weather conditions, governmental actions or any other unpredictable or inevitable external circumstances that may mean a danger for the development of the activity, that make it impossible o substantially more difficult.

9. Participation exlusion

The supplier has the right to deny the access or to exclude the user from any activity if they should not satisfy the elegibility requirements or if the participation in the activity should endanger the user or any other users, or in the case that it may interfere in any other way in the appropiate development of the activity. In which case the remunerated amounts would not be reimbursed.

10. Programme modifications

The supplier reserves the right to make slight modifications to the programme if it is considered convenient due to inevitable or unpredicted circumstances.

11. Modifications to the current general commercial conditions

The current commercial conditions may be modified with no prior notice. The valid condtions at the time of each booking shall apply. The user has no guarantee that future bookings shall follow the current conditions.

12. Applicable law

The legal relation between users and service suppliers will regulate each case according to the applicable law or legislation.

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